Real Estate Agent


At Prostaff Mortgage Corp. we know that it’s only the beginning of the sales process. Getting you and your client to the closing table is our primary focus. Deals stay made, customers stay happy and your reputation stays intact.

One of our primary goals is to give special consideration to you, the real estate agent. Knowing and meeting your needs is a key factor in the success of our business. How have we done this? By taking a different “real estate agent sensitive” approach to the business process. Read on for the details. Prostaff Mortgage Corp. is an independent mortgage broker dedicated to serving the mortgage needs of borrowers in the state of Arizona. Prostaff Mortgage Corp. prides itself on offering integrity, personal attention, and an understanding of the individual needs of our borrowers.

In today’s fast changing market, it’s essential to know all the options available for your particular loan. We are in the market every day. We know mortgages. Check out the full list of advantages below.

Always In The Loop

Regular progress reports to the real estate agent from start to closing. From the very beginning of our work on your clients’ loans, you can expect weekly progress reports from us. We’ll even give you delivery method choices (Fax, email etc.). For each client with a loan in process, you’ll receive reports that include: what documentation is needed, need by dates and items received (with dates).

We’ll even highlight any special needs or problems, allowing us to deal with them prior to becoming crisis events. Your Prostaff Mortgage consultant will even assist you in setting up a secure system for receiving information while protecting the clients privacy.

Always a loan officer at the settlement table. Prostaff Mortgage is dedicated to stopping the nightmare of undisclosed problems or last minute conditions that appear, for the first time, at closing. We use our reports to you to avoid surprises and we will be at the settlement table to minimize any impact to your client if something should occur.

Our promises. You will never be left to handle lender related matters. You will never be alone at closing. You will never be left to do anything we should have done. You can expect to hear from us on a regular basis for a “report card” of our performance.

The Best For Your Customer

When you recommend us to your buyers, let them know it’s because we are “apart from the crowd.”

We’ll always give your client the best deal, the best rate, and the lowest possible closing costs.

Your customer will get the straight scoop. If the lowest price isn’t the best in the long run, they’ll get the information and the choice. Our power of choice allows access to hundreds of products via numerous outlets making sure your client is matched up with the best possible product.

No Surprises

At Prostaff Mortgage there are no hidden closing costs, no junk fees and no surprises. You can confidently inform your clients that we enjoy taking the confusion out of the process. We always treat your client’s dollar as if it were our own, period.

When it comes to recommending a firm with top quality, sound financial guidance, and an impeccable record of integrity, you’ll never lose any sleep in recommending Prostaff Mortgage.